Lady Mechanika Vol. 1 – Joe Benítez 


Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

If I were about 15, I think I’d have enjoyed Lady Mechanika a lot more. It’s pretty, and steampunk, and has a badass lady cyborg whole fights crime. But I’ve read too many amazing graphic novels (just in the past year alone!) to be able to overlook its underwhelmingness*.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible! It’s kind of fun, if slight. But.

☞ Can we move past badass ladies with cartoonishly swollen balloon tits? I refuse to use the words breasts, they’re not breasts. They’re clearly tits, in the “you ridiculous tit” sense. These boobs are idiotic. LADY FIGHTERS WOULD STRAP THAT SHIT DOWN OR HAVE A REDUCTION. Large boobs HURT when you run or jump or bounce and get punched in them. They are IMPRACTICAL. And LM is corseted to within an inch of her life – she has great outfits, except for those TITS which are just HANGING OUT THERE in lacy, unsupportive bits of fabric. My back ached just looking at that.

☞ See also: LM’s porn lips. Don’t think they had lip injections in those days, gentlemen!

☞ There’s a certain kind of writer that can’t tell the difference between “adorable, precocious child” and “rampaging, never-disciplined brat that would be punched in the snoot if they said these things as an adult” (you see this a lot in TV dramas where the teenage son decides that the apocalypse / invasion / other crisis is a good time to start lashing out at mommy / daddy because I dunno youth is harrrrrd).Lady Mechanika contains such a child. I really hope in a future storyline she gets kidnapped by birdmonsters and dropped into the sea. She’s awful.

☞ Fake “cockernee” written by Americans, and “Victorian” English peppered with anachronistic phrases. Argh Argh Argh.

☞ Lady-badass fights-nemesis-lady badass and their antagonism is fuelled by a long-ago falling out over… A MAN. Kill me.

The story was okay if slight, and I’ll read volume 2 because I have it.

* It’s a word if I say it is.


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