Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vault – Rob Williams, Jim Lee


Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I remember it like it was yesterday: Warner Brothers was going to be making a Suicide Squad movie! So exciting! And then the news reports began to seep in. Joker’s wardrobe tests ( Hot Topic mall punk!!), hurried post- Deadpool reshoots (now that was a great movie!!), Jared Leto’s behaviour. And then the actual movie came out: loud, incoherent, and dumb. So disappointing – a real wasted opportunity.

Here, then, is what the Suicide Squad movie should have been. Part of the DC Rebirth relaunch of their titles, Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vault reintroduces the team of supervillains led by Amanda Waller:

  • Harley Quinn – Smart, crazy, violent, manic-pixie-nightmare-girl
  • Deadshot – Super-assassin with a death wish
  • Rick Flag – Soldier, leader, moral core of the group
  • Katana – Flag’s second-in-command, has a mystical sword filled with souls (including her husband)
  • June Moon – Graphic designer, utterly useless wiener
  • Enchantress – Insane sorceress, trapped inside June Moon, actually more likeable
  • Captain Boomerang – Australian, alcoholic, throws boomerangs of death, huge arsehole
  • Killer Croc – Giant crocodile man, eats humans, would like you to know he’s not an alien

This first volume hits the ground running, getting to know the team and their dynamics, and putting them against real super-enemies. The stakes are high! They’re devoid of moral compasses! Thankfully, the writers seem to have learned what worked in that movie, and what didn’t, keeping a strong focus on Harley and Deadshot, but also maintaining interest in the rest of the motley crew. The humor is bonkers, the dialogue zippy, the action non-stop. Tonally and plot-wise, this is what the movie should have been: a fun, light, action-heavy ode to anti-heroes getting the job done, in the most chaotic, destructive way possible.

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