Lucifer Vol 2: Father Lucifer – Holly Black

(Read my review of Volume 1: Cold Heaven here.)

Continuing where Cold Heaven left off, Lucifer finds himself heading back down to Hell again: his son (yeah, it was a surprise to him too!) has challenged Mazikeen for the right to rule. Heaven’s not in great shape either, as a new player throws the heavenly hosts AND the demonic types into chaos – and threaten to bring about the end of life on earth.

Fast-paced, taut writing and gorgeous, evocative art (from the palaces and marketplaces of hell to the cold beauty of the silver city, and everything in between)  and cool characters combine to create a memorable read. Lucifer is as handsome, stylish, poised and arrogant as always, but it’s the side characters who get a chance to shine here. Mazikeen is as fierce and regal as ever, and is probably the one character who can tell Lucifer what she thinks of him and have him care.

A side plot involving a 13-year-old  Haitian orphan, Medjine, is by turns arresting, heartbreaking and delightful; as is a church of middle-aged, yuppified Satanists who are delighted to discover that a parishioner’s new boyfriend isn’t quite what he seems. These disparate threads weave together in a most spellbinding, intoxicating way.


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