Strange Magic – Syd Moore


When Benefit Fraud investigator Rosie Strange inherits the ramshackle Essex Witch Museum her grandfather Septimus built, she plans to sell it as soon as possible. She doesn’t believe in witches and magic, and she’s taking a few days off work to get the place in order before she calls the estate agents. Still, she can’t help but see the potential in the place, and in the curator, Sam Stone. He’s brilliant and sexy, but prickly and annoying.

Rosie barely has time to acclimatize when George Chin, a rather eccentric academic, arrives with an urgent request: find the bones of the notorious Ursula Cadence (a witch burned at the stake during one of the first witch hunts) and reunite her with her long-dead son. Rosie and Sam are thrown into a race against time to find the bones, save a young boy, and try not to drive each other bonkers in the process.

This story has everything: a smart, capable, funny protagonist; an interesting, twisty magical mystery; secret societies engaged in an age-old battle of good vs. evil; an enjoyable but not distracting romantic subplot; nascent magical abilities; and a really great cat named Hecate who’s probably the most sensible out of everyone.

This was a deftly-woven tale of mystery, magic, and love and I had such a blast reading it.  I’ve already added the next in the series, Strange Sight, to my to-read list: this is one of those series you hope goes on to span a good dozen books or more.

Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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