Everafter Vol. 1: The Pandora Protocol – Lilah Sturges & Dave Justus


I was so excited to read this: a Fables spin-off that brings together an eclectic cast of characters as a sort of magical spy crew. Think Mission Impossible meets The Avengers in a world where magic is real, dangerous, and out-of-control.

Unfortunately, this was rather a let-down. The enchanting spirit and cool characters of the original Fables are nowhere to be found – while the storylines are interesting enough they failed to capture my imagination. Bill Willingham’s unique storytelling voice is a tough act to follow, and it doesn’t help when a central character (Connor Wolf ) is so fundamentally unlikeable. He’s meant, I think, to be a young “early Will Smith”-type (cocky, snarky, but fundamentally good-hearted); but instead is a rampantly arrogant asshole who endangers his team (and the world they’re supposed to be protecting) with his selfish and immature behaviour. He’s the son of Bigby Wolf – one of the coolest characters in comicdom, and a certified badass who’s earned his stripes – but you’d never guess it. He comes off as an entitles rich-boy brat. I guess Snow and Bixby weren’t great disciplinarians.  

Honestly, it’s okay. If it were a standalone and not connected to Fables… Maybe the comparison wouldn’t be so jarring.  But as part of the Fables… er… stable of titles, it’s a disappointment.

Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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