Last Death Worm of the Apocalypse – Nina Post


Kelly Driscoll has been the interim building manager of Amenity Tower for almost a year when Claw & Crutty (the company that owns the building) sends Charlotte, a corporate bean-counter, to audit her performance and improve the condo’s profitability. Charlotte is so blisteringly overbearing and awful that Kelly (already worried she’ll never live up to the beloved ex-manager Roger Balbi) starts to doubt she’ll ever be a competent manager.

She turned her worry into a small ball of wool and gave it to a crab to knit into a crab sweater and claw cosy.

Then her boyfriend Af (the Angel of Destruction) goes on an ill-advised guru-hunting road trip with a vastly annoying chaos demon, the plant in the lobby starts giving unsolicited advice, renters are molting everywhere, a mysterious gong sound is driving residents barmy, and the bound angels of the condo Board come up with yet another immensely stupid plan to cause an apocalypse so they can escape the building. Once again, it’s up to Kelly to sort it all out –within budget – and save the day.

She put the thought in a tiny, hot-air balloon operated by a tiny pigeon with a red cap, who opened the blast valve to make the balloon ascend.

Yet another strange trip into the heart of Porthole City, LDWOTA serves up even more oddball characters, new Cluck Snack products (P’nut Butt’r Koffee Eggs, Sparkling En’rgee Drink, with All-Natural Maple Syrup [For Kelly Driscoll, Not For Ferrets]), and reliably silly dialogue (“Where’s Vassago, Raum asked Crocell. “Oh, I think he had to poo.”). And of course, the adorable, useful-in-specific-circumstances SPs, who see Kelly as a sort of den mother.

It speaks to how engaging and quirky the characters (and the bizarro-world of Pothole City) are that endless descriptions of board meetings, sub-committees and building amenities are not at all boring (though poor, frustrated Kelly might not agree). The book definitely works as part of a series, though – if you haven’t read the first 2 books, you’d probably enjoy LDWOTA anyway, but it would probably be entirely baffling.

So once again, grab a hot cup of tea, snuggle up with your Peruvian death worm (such luxurious fur), and spend a few hours in a very strange place.

Provided by Curiosity Quills and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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